pinky bowie 2 iphone case

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pinky bowie 2 iphone case

pinky bowie 2 iphone case

CNET también está disponible en español. Don't show this again. As so it is that a product category we wrote off as a casualty of our national obsession with smartphones rises once more. The following list contains four Android-based portable media players that take aim directly at the Apple iPod Touch. Many promise bigger screens, GPS, and all of the geeky conveniences that Android is known for. Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0You know what's better than a 3.5-inch screen? How about a 5-inch screen?.

Samsung's Galaxy Player 5.0 ($269) goes big with its screen, and includes extras such as microSD memory expansion, GPS, pinky bowie 2 iphone case and a rear camera with a flash, Along with a broad range of video format support (including DivX and Xvid), this is a great choice for Android fans who want their media and games as big as possible, without venturing into tablet territory, Read the full review of the Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0, Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0No, we're not repeating ourselves, This is the Galaxy Player 4.0, the smaller, more phonelike sibling of the Galaxy Player 5.0, It offers most of the same features, comes in a more pocket-friendly size, and still boasts a screen larger than the iPod Touch's..

Priced at $229, it's still not going to sway potential buyers on the basis of price. On the upside, though, the Player 5.0 offers memory expansion, GPS, and great format support. Read the full review of the Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0. Sony Walkman ZSony's Walkman Z deals a double punch to the iPod Touch. Like the Galaxy Players, it features a larger screen (4.3 inches). Sony sweetens the deal, though, by including an impressive suite of audio enhancement settings, matched with a great pair of in-ear headphones.

Unfortunately, this $249 media player is missing many of the features we've come to associate with Android devices, including microSD memory expansion, front and rear cameras, and Micro-USB charging, Read the full review of the Sony Walkman Z, Philips GoGear Connect 3This little guy is tough to recommend, but at least the $179 price comes in under the iPod Touch's, Yes, the screen is small, dim, and plagued with a horrible viewing angle, but let's look on the bright side, pinky bowie 2 iphone case The sound quality holds up well, audio and video format support is surprisingly broad, and the small size is very convenient..

Read the full review of the Philips GoGear Connect 3. So that's the lay of the land when it comes to the emerging market of Android-based media players (compare these products head-to-head). If you're looking for an alternative to the iPod Touch and a device like the $199 Amazon Kindle Fire just seems too big for your needs, then keep your eye on these guys. With some luck, and some drastic price cuts, these may just be worth picking up for those moments when you want to play some games without taxing your smartphone's battery.

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