whales iphone case

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whales iphone case

whales iphone case

CNET también está disponible en español. Don't show this again. CrackBerry has acquired what look to be press shots of the upcoming so-called 'superphone', which is going to be the first mobile to arrive running BlackBerry 10 -- the new version of the operating system RIM hopes will put the ailing company back on top. We got our first peek at the London way back in November, though then it was modelling an angular, chrome finish. The phone above, meanwhile, looks much more like an iPhone, or a Samsung Galaxy S2.

By the looks of things there are no physical buttons along the bottom of the London, and while the specs are all unconfirmed, we're anticipating an 8-megapixel camera and a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, It's no secret BlackBerry manufacturer RIM is on the ropes, The company has lost shedloads of money thanks to poor sales of its PlayBook tablet, while several new mobiles for this year have reportedly been cancelled, The London is still on course, it would seem, but we could have a wait on our hands, as now ex-CEO Mike whales iphone case Lazaridis confirmed in December that phones running BlackBerry 10 have been delayed, As a consequence we likely won't see the London until late this year..

Will the BlackBerry London be enough to turn things around for RIM? We've compiled a list of five things the company's new chief needs to crack on with. Would you hold out for the London? Or would you rather cosy up to a different smart phone? Tell us in the comments, or on our Facebook wall. Image credit: CrackBerry. The rumoured BlackBerry London has popped its head out again, and this time it's sporting a svelte new look. London calling -- the long-rumoured BlackBerry London has leaked again, and this time it's sporting a svelte new look.

CNET también está disponible en español, Don't show this again, Products that somehow didn't work used to be embarrassing anomalies that led to mass recalls, But not now, Now, phones and tablets and what-have-you are released with bits missing, or simply not working, But it's OK, because "there's an update coming", An update? Well whoop-de-do! In that case I will definitely lay out three, four, five hundred quid for an iPhone that won't make calls, a Samsung Galaxy Nexus whales iphone case I can't hear, a BlackBerry PlayBook that doesn't email and a Nokia Lumia 800 that won't charge, Hooray..

It feels like every major release has something wrong with it. Is anything actually ready for release these days? Everything's in beta, and it does my head in. I may be looking back through rose-coloured glasses, but I remember a time when everything did what it said on the tin. While some gizmos were marginally easier to use or produced marginally better results, they rarely came with egregious flaws. But then smart phones came along and ruined everything. The iPhone made apps the next big thing, so the idea of getting a gadget and then personalising and altering and continually customising it took hold even in everyday, non-geeky folk.

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