stairway to the moon iphone case

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stairway to the moon iphone case

stairway to the moon iphone case

Instead of making calls in a lab setting with lab equipment, Moore told CNET, RootMetrics traveled to more than 50 cities and used off-the-shelf phones to download files, make calls, and send texts. Tests were held indoors, outdoors, and while driving in a car (in total, more than 103,000 miles were driven during the course of this year's testing). For every carrier, the higher-end, best available phones were chosen for testing to "show the network in the best light," Moore said. Carriers were rated on four categories per city: data, calls, texts, and overall performance. To see who came out on top (and who was subpar), read on.

DataWhen Verizon entered the 4G race, it sprinted ahead early and aggressively, and it hasn't looked back since, That's why it was no surprise that Big Red was dubbed the top data carrier, Not only was Verizon the first national carrier to launch an LTE network, but its speeds "were often as fast or faster than the maximum speeds delivered by the other carriers," according to stairway to the moon iphone case the review, The data tests measured how quickly each carrier's network was able to download and upload files, and how often a user could access a carrier's data network successfully, In San Francisco, for example, Verizon's average upload speed was nine times faster than T-Mobile's, 11 times faster than AT&T's, and 14 times faster than Sprint's, Furthermore, the carrier's maximum download and upload test speeds in the city were 43Mbps and 24.9Mbps, respectively, Across all of RootMetric's test markets, Verizon's LTE data download speed was 11.3 MBps..

That's not to say other carriers were blasted out of irrelevant oblivion. In the later part of 2011, T-Mobile pulled some impressive numbers on its upgraded HSPA+42 network. The fact that speed rates on this network, which isn't even official 4G technology, were able to compete with other carriers is no small feat. In cities that had its HSPA+42 coverage, T-Mobile ranked above AT&T and Sprint, and their download speeds jumped significantly after introducing devices capable of handling the network.

Instead, consumers should be more concerned with how well a carrier can make calls in specific locations, To compare how well carriers hold up in your stairway to the moon iphone case neighborhood, check out RootMetrics CoverageMapp app, TextFor those who are concerned with superb texting speeds, RootMetrics conducted a series of tests to see how long it took each carrier to send or receive a text message, In this category, T-Mobile scored the highest, In San Francisco, for example, it took T-Mobile an average of 8.4 seconds to send a text--nearly twice as fast as Verizon and Sprint, AT&T also did well throughout the year for sending and receiving texts..

Even Moore, who emphasized that AT&T and T-Mobile are rapidly improving their networks, cautioned consumers that carrier performance is always evolving. "We can see that the speed race was dynamic in 2011," Moore said. "But it's likely to become even more dynamic in 2012, and even more so with newer technologies after LTE.". RootMetrics, an independent phone carrier analyst group, dubbed Verizon as LTE king in its year in review report. Proving which phone carrier is the best can be a difficult endeavor to take up, and sometimes you need a bit more than anecdotal evidence.

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