rugged case for samsung galaxy s8 - black

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rugged case for samsung galaxy s8 - black

rugged case for samsung galaxy s8 - black rugged case for samsung galaxy s8 - black rugged case for samsung galaxy s8 - black rugged case for samsung galaxy s8 - black rugged case for samsung galaxy s8 - black rugged case for samsung galaxy s8 - black

rugged case for samsung galaxy s8 - black

The idea that you could buy a gadget and continually alter it quickly extended to the operating system itself. An Apple iOS update is a simple operation, where everybody plugs in their iPhone and iPad and shortly thereafter everyone has the same new features.Then Android took that to new levels. Today who knows what version of Android your phone will have? Laid out a couple of hundred quid for the latest Android handset? That's no guarantee you'll have the latest version of Android -- and no guarantee you'll ever have the latest version.

Continually upgrading your phone or gadget is a great idea -- as long as it works perfectly in the first place, The problem is that the ability to improve a gadget has led to a "that'll do" attitude, The software update has become a get out of jail free card, And it's not just software, The first iPhone didn't have 3G, You'd forgotten that, hadn't you? Even before smart phones were the norm that rugged case for samsung galaxy s8 - black was an unbelievable omission, Apple's stated philosophy has always been to release a product only when it's perfect, but then came the great iPhone 4 antenna debacle, How did nobody at Apple try making a phone call with their left hand?..

Since then, we've had the Samsung Galaxy Nexus volume bug and the Nokia Lumia 800 battery problem. We've had the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet arrive without email. They simply weren't ready for prime time, but it's OK: let's bang out a software update. We'll fix it in post. It's our fault, too -- you and me. We clamour for the latest thing, and in this accelerated information age, we're feverishly searching for the next latest thing almost before the current latest thing has been switched on for the first time.

When you buy a car, you don't want to hear that it's a work in progress, You want to know for certain that bad boy has been bounced off walls enough times that you'll be broadly okay should some eejit try and bounce his car off yours, Nobody wants a car that's still in beta, Hey, sorry your ride just steered into a river, We're planning an update that'll fix that, Oops, sorry your washing machine just ate all your smalls, The next iteration definitely won't do that, Sure, with some gadgets the stakes are rugged case for samsung galaxy s8 - black different, A car that decides to stop working as you scream down the motorway could do you a serious mischief, Even worse, a washing machine that fails at its job could leave you with no trousers to go to work in, While a phone that fails at the crucial moment is just annoying..

But you look at a phone constantly, so you want it to do its job or you'll experience a drip-drip effect of frustration and annoyance that leads, inevitably, to your head actually exploding. Seriously. We've seen it happen. A head just bursting like a melon, spattering viscera all over your stunned spouse, making a right mess of the couch -- and all because the map app freezes every time just when you come up to the turning, or you've never got a signal even in the middle of town, or the battery's already on 38 per cent when you only bloody charged it an hour ago.

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