lumee duo iphone x double-sided lighting case - rose

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lumee duo iphone x double-sided lighting case - rose

lumee duo iphone x double-sided lighting case - rose lumee duo iphone x double-sided lighting case - rose lumee duo iphone x double-sided lighting case - rose lumee duo iphone x double-sided lighting case - rose

lumee duo iphone x double-sided lighting case - rose

There's a Music + Videos hub for multimedia content; an Office hub, where Microsoft's productivity apps live, including OneNote for note-taking and Word for word processing; and an Xbox Live games hub where your games and Xbox Live avatar hang out. Apps that don't obviously fit into any of these buckets land on a secondary screen, where every app and phone function is stacked alphabetically in a long vertical list, making it easy to flick down and quickly locate a specific app. If you want to access the full range of services offered by the Lumia you'll need a Windows Live ID. This is in addition to signing in with your Facebook, Twitter and email, so prepare for a spot of registration fatigue during setup.

For example, a Windows Live ID is needed to link your phone with Microsoft's Xbox Live gaming system, This is in order for it to display and track your Xbox Live gaming achievements and avatar, and to use SkyDrive, Microsoft's cloud storage system, You also need a Windows Live account for syncing with Twitter, because the OS asks you to link your Twitter account with your Windows Live account, Microsoft has sweated buckets recruiting developers to Windows Phone and recently gave a shout out to the platform's 60,000th app, Lots of app basics are here -- from lumee duo iphone x double-sided lighting case - rose Spotify to YouTube and the ubiquitous Angry Birds, But there are still notable app gaps, including no iPlayer or Instagram..

There is also a fair amount of overlap with both Microsoft and Nokia bringing their 'assets' to the handset -- so you get Bing Maps and Nokia Maps, for instance. The Music + Videos hub taps up Microsoft's Zune music marketplace, but the Nokia Music app hooks into Nokia's MP3 store. Having two ways of getting the same stuff is confusing, but it does mean you can choose your favourite. Nokia Maps has the edge over Bing Maps, thanks to the helpful addition of public transport routes. For sheer quantity, Windows Phone can't match up to the might of Apple's iOS -- which is rapidly heading for 600,000 apps -- or Android Market's 400,000-plus. One feature of Windows Marketplace we do like though is the ability to try before you buy. Shelling out £3 for an app that laughs in your face before crashing your phone gets old very quickly.

Nokia makes its own small but significant software splash on the Lumia 710 via the Nokia Maps, Nokia Mix Radio and Nokia Drive apps, The Mix Radio app not only offers free music streaming with access to some 15 million tracks, without the need to subscribe or even register, it also supports offline listening of up to 14 hours of downloaded music, Be warned though, if you're steaming music you can only skip seven tracks within a 24-hour period, There's no sign-up or even registration needed to use Mix Radio -- you simply fire up the app, select a music genre or radio station and start listening, An lumee duo iphone x double-sided lighting case - rose impressive spectrum of tastes are catered for -- from mainstream genres such as indie/alternative, R 'n' B and dance to more nuanced offerings like 'Leather jacket rock' and 'Dubstep roots', plus stations built around 'New releases' or 'Best of 2011'..

Another impressive freebie is Nokia's sat-nav app, which brings turn-by-turn navigation to Lumia 710 users. To get started you need to download and install country-specific maps over Wi-Fi. Downloading and installing the UK maps took us less than 10 minutes. There are more than 100 international maps within the app that can also be preloaded -- a great way to avoid data roaming charges when you need to drive abroad. The Lumia gets access to Microsoft's SkyDrive cloud storage service, with 25GB of free space for each user to deposit photos and documents. This is five times more than Apple's iCloud storage system, but Apple saysit doesn't include purchased music, apps, books, TV shows or photostream data against this limit.

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