kawaii ghibli doodle iphone case

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kawaii ghibli doodle iphone case

kawaii ghibli doodle iphone case

So how tough is it? Fellow CNET reviewer Lynn La and I dropped in at Corning's Northern California research facility to get a look at some of Corning's neat projects, past and future. While there, we were invited to break three squares of glass of the same thickness: one standard, one strengthened, and one Gorilla (the original, not the new version). I was handed a small metal prod for applying force to the glass at its center. Each sample was indeed progressively harder to fracture with that tool, and I was unable to break the stronger Gorilla Glass this way. (Of course, this was a carefully engineered "push" test designed to reduce the force and leverage I could apply to the material. The glass, while resistant, is breakable.).

Gorilla Glass is used in all manner of electronics, including tablets and laptops, but a product like this makes especially good sense in smartphones, which have high drop rates and need better shielding, Corning has a rich history that began in 1851 and spans from Thomas Edison's famous lightbulbs to my kawaii ghibli doodle iphone case mom's favorite cookware to glass for automotive consoles, How an old-school manufacturer is making a name for itself strengthening smartphone screens, A few weeks ago at CES, Corning announced that its next generation of glass surfaces will deliver thinner, stronger touch screens..

CNET también está disponible en español. Don't show this again. Gorilla Glass achieves its legendary strength on a chemical level. Through an ion-exchange process, a deep compression layer is created on the glass that acts like armor. The piece of Gorilla Glass seen here is only 1.1mm thick, but its retained strength (a measure of how much it can endure damage like dings and scratches) enables it to be a suitable replacement for the 3.8mm piece of soda lime glass behind it. Soda lime glass is a common type of glass used for window panes, soda bottles, and food jars.

Seen from the side, the thinness of this piece of Gorilla Glass (right) is stark when compared with its soda lime glass counterpart (left), Early this year, Corning announced Gorilla Glass 2.0, Although it is 20 percent thinner and allows for greater touch sensitivity, it will retain the same scratch resistance and strength we've come to expect from the original product, Here our own Jessica Dolcourt holds a piece of Corning's flexible glass, which measures 100um, or micrometers, thick, Although there are no current applications for this type of kawaii ghibli doodle iphone case glass, Corning hopes to use it for flexible displays--for example, an interactive touch screen that could wrap around a pillar and be used for adspace..

Jessica was then instructed to push against the center of each piece of glass with a metal prod and take note of how much strength it took to break each piece. The non-strengthened piece of soda lime glass took the least amount of effort to break, and was easily compromised. Although strengthened soda lime glass took a bit more effort than the non-strengthened piece, Jessica was able to break through it easily nonetheless. We know that Gorilla Glass is not impossible to break (for proof, check out our successful attempt at destroying the Sonim XP3300 Force), but compared with the previous two pieces of soda lime glass, along with a torqueless prod, breaking through this piece of Gorilla Glass proved difficult.

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