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iphone case 8 ebay

In order for any of these smartphone payment apps to work there needs to be an NFC-enabled smartphone that can communicate with an NFC-ready terminal. Getting retailers to invest in the necessary technology upgrades has not been easy. And many retailers still have not deployed the technology. PayPal, which had been experimenting with NFC payments last year, recently said it plans to enable mobile payments without using NFC. Instead, PayPal said accounts could be accessed via a phone number and PIN code. The way it would work is that when a customer cashes out at a retailer, he selects PayPal as an option.Then he enters his phone number and the PIN associated with the account.

There's no need to swipe a phone, which means that neither the phone nor the payment terminal must have the NFC hardware installed, The only thing that the retailer needs is a software upgrade to the payment system, which is a much less expensive upgrade than purchasing a new terminal, A Google representative said that it's still early days in the mobile payment market, And he said Google is still committed to its Google Wallet program, "We are very enthusiastic about the start we've had with Google Wallet," said Nate Tyler, a spokesman for iphone case 8 ebay Google, "We believe Google Wallet represents an opportunity to bring more value to the transaction, so that consumers can not only pay, but also save and earn rewards when they make purchases."..

Indeed, the mobile payment market is still young, but given the fact that Google was able to go from zero market share in smartphones to a dominant leader within 24 months, it's safe to say the mobile market moves fast. And if Google executives feel like success is taking too long to achieve, the company may cut its losses and move on as it has done with failed projects of the past. But it's probably more likely that the company may quietly retreat and re-imagine the Google Wallet offering, much like it's done with Google TV.

When Google first announced Google TV, it was essentially shut-out of the the market by the TV networks, which refused to stream their shows to Google TV, It looked like Google TV was dead in the water, iphone case 8 ebay A year later, Google has reshaped the service so that it complements instead of competes directly with TV networks and cable TV providers, And now Google TV may have found new life, Google could do a similar thing with Google Wallet, It could find a way to work more directly with wireless operators, instead of potentially competing against them..

"It may take some time to get things sorted out, as is typical with a lot of Google projects," Gartenberg said. "But I doubt they'll quit this market entirely. Still, it's going to be a competitive market. Anyone who has a piece of mobile wants in. And I don't see anyone ceding dominance to Google.". Six months after its introduction, Google Wallet seems to be no further along than when it started. Will Google kill the project?. Two-thousand and twelve was so supposed to be the year of the digital wallet. And Google was supposed to lead the way. But it looks like the Google Wallet app has gotten off to a bumpy start.

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