feather case for apple iphone 8 plus - smoke

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feather case for apple iphone 8 plus - smoke

feather case for apple iphone 8 plus - smoke feather case for apple iphone 8 plus - smoke

feather case for apple iphone 8 plus - smoke

One really odd design choice is the Droid 4's battery compartment. The phone's battery is not removable, like the Droid Razr's, but you can access it by using a special key. The key is basically a pin, which at one end fits into what looks like a reset button. Pressing down and pulling the battery cover simultaneously releases its lock. It's inconvenient to say the least, but Motorola says a standard safety clip will also do the trick. When I asked why you'd want to remove battery cover at all, a company rep said it's to support swapping for special backs that enable wireless charging.

User feather case for apple iphone 8 plus - smoke interfacePerhaps the biggest letdown with the Droid 4 is that it runs Gingerbread 2.3.5, not Google's freshest flavor of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich, Motorola does its best to modernize the phone's interface with its own UI on top of Android, It's not a bad attempt, with five home screens, a helicopter view of all at once, and some support for social media, A Favorites contacts widget pulls in photos from Twitter but not Facebook, for example, which is irksome, It would also be nice if I could use the My Gallery widget to grab friends' photos on Facebook and save them to the Droid 4's local storage, I mean, even Windows Phone devices can do this, HTC's handsets with the company's Sense UI have had similar abilities for years while linking Facebook profile images to Google and Twitter contacts..

Four capacitive buttons for traditional Android functions sit below the phone's screen. These are Menu, Home, Back, and Search. On the whole, though, there's not much different here, and old hands at using Gingerbread will find nothing surprising. FeaturesBeyond the Droid 4's sweet keyboard, the smartphone has other standout features, such as access to the Android Market, which now contains more than 300,000 apps for download. There's the usual array of Motorola, Google, and Verizon software, and I found a few preinstalled titles worth mentioning. First is the Slingbox app, which lets you stream live content from home cable boxes directly to the phone and even lets you change the channel. It's a solution that's been available for years, but this is the first time I've seen it on a phone out of the box. You do have to buy optional Slingbox hardware and connect it in your home for this to happen. Netflix is onboard, too, though it's a free download. Motoactv software is here as well; it's an app that enables Motorola phones to connect to the company's line of fitness gadgets.

You also can use a Mobile Hotspot app to share the Droid 4's 4G LTE connection with Wi-Fi devices nearby, This requires an extra subscription, The feature may actually be worth signing up for if you're the type who needs a fast data connection in areas where Wi-Fi is scarce, Verizon charges $20 for the service, Are you thinking of using feather case for apple iphone 8 plus - smoke the Droid 4 as a corporate communicator? Not to worry, Motorola says, The company has baked support for FIPS 140-2 level encryption into the Droid 4 to soothe IT department fears, It's designed to lock away e-mail, calendar, and contact information from prying eyes..

MotoCast, Webtop, and Smart ActionsLike Motorola's Droid Razr and Droid Razr Maxx handsets, the Droid 4 comes with the MotoCast app. It lets you share your documents and media files with personal computers. MotoCast also links with the Gallery app to access photos, while the Music app links to music files. The Droid 4 also supports the company's Webtop app, which, when combined with accessories like the Lapdock 100 (10-inch screen), the Lapdock 500 Pro (14-inch screen), or an HD Station,transforms the handset into a pseudo mobile PC with Netbook-level functionality. To read more about the Webtop solution, check out our review of the Atrix's laptop dock.

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